The technical upgrades in the Eurail system

The continued increase of people commuting through trains has created a need for train operators to make the experience more than just a means of transport. Passengers want to travel safely but also comfortably. The following are some of the safety and comfort upgrades that have been incorporated into trains to maximize passenger satisfaction.

night train

Safety upgrades

Safety on European railways is relatively high. European railways remain one of the safest modes of transport in Europe and the entire globe. A safe railway is more efficient and also a more attractive choice of transport. Here are some of the safety railway upgrades that have been implemented over the years in the Euro rail system.

Cab signaling

With this system, the trains are constantly receiving information regarding their relative positions to other trains. The computer shows the driver how fast he may drive instead of relying on external warning signals that had become more impossible for drivers to read due to the high speeds of the trains.

Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS)

TPWS is designed to enforce the observation of speed limit requirements and stop signals. How it works- When over speeding is detected in a train approaching a stop signal, and it is established that the speed is too high and the train will not be able to stop in time, a full brake application is enforced regardless of any action or inaction by the driver.

Automatic Train Protection system (ATP)

ATP continually monitors that the speed of a train is compatible with the current permitted speed limit. How it works- In case the allowable speed of a train is exceeded, a brake application is enforced until the speed comes down to the required limit or the train is stopped.

Comfort upgrades

Wifi connectivity- In this day and age, there’s nothing more addictive than the internet. People have an affinity for their mobile devices and love to stay connected no matter where they are. Let’s say you have a 40 mins journey and you don’t know what to do? You forgot your book at home, and maybe you would actually try to make some cash in this short time? Play the Great Train Heist slot game for real money and make your daily journeys to be a new lucrative hobby provided by the flawless internet connection. Wifi connectivity on trains enables passengers to stream entertainment on their personal devices making the train experience even more appealing

Night train accommodation

Night trains provide beds where one can rest their head while traveling. The service is quite sophisticated and a sheet, blanket, and pillow are also provided. The accommodation types on night trains include couchettes, sleepers, and reclining seats. Sleeper compartments usually separate beds for men and women unless reserved by a couple or family, and the beds are of good quality. Each compartment can have one, two, or three beds. Couchettes are usually sleeping compartments for four or six people. Toilets and washrooms are available at the end of each car. Some trains offer airplane style reclining seats


There have been some recent upgrades in flooring. Rubber has been adopted as a base material for flooring, becoming a preference over carpet and wood that were common among older sardine can trains. The benefit of rubber is that it provides great sound absorption and it is slip resistant. Silicone foam pads have also been adopted. They are placed underneath a train's flooring substrate to minimize motion vibration as well as airborne and structural noise.


Leather seats have been incorporated into trains, they are obviously more comfortable than hard plastic that was a norm in older trains.