The Flying Eye: One hard working drone

eurail logoEurail — European railways it the network of trains in Europe. This system network helps young people to travel around the whole Europe. Eurail offers you to plan your trip on their page, favorable boarding passes and many other options to make your traveling more comfortable and cheaper. The network is spread around all Europe so it is easy to transfer from one European city to another. More and more people are using trains as the main way of transport. In many cities trains are the fastest and cheapest way of getting from one place to another.

But with the growing popularity also the number of potential and real problems and accidents is increasing. To uncover potential problems and accidents the Eurail is using drones as help. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems. In fact, a drone is basically a flying robot. It can be controlled remotely or autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. In the second case the drone needs to have it's own onboard sensors and GPS. Usually drones are the cheapest and the fastest way to detect the problem or potential menace.

Drones comes to the scene with another modern technologies. Without GPS and remote controlling Eurail couldn't send the drone to help in crises. Besides GPS and remote controlling drones have infra-red cameras and also lasers. Drone is made of light materials to reduce weight. This allows to fly with drone in extreme heights. The main reason why the Eurail started using drones is to make trains in Europe more safe for us. There are many examples how drones can do it. The train accidents are happening everyday, for example when someone decides to end life on the railway the drone camera will see him and send the message to the driver to stop. There are more and more options how the Eurail is going to use the drones.

adventure-month-eurailSomeone could say that using drones for safety is wrong because they can fly only a short time. The truth is that drone can stay up many hours. The Boeing company is eventually developing a solar — powered drone which could stay aloft for even a years. But how could Eurail use drones when drones can be used only by a police? It is true that drones are mainly used by the police but it is not true that drones can be used only by police. Drones can be used also in agriculture, surveying, news reporting, and firefighting. The area of using drones is growing so it is possible for Eurail to use the drones without any consequences.

All in all, drones gives us the opportunity to see the world from bird view and everybody knows that from the sky you can see a lot more than from the Earth. Another companies are following the example of Eurail and the truth is that drones are becoming the everyday platitude. Drones are part of our future. They give us opportunity to safe more lives, to prevent disasters and not only on railways.