Fire safety on Eurail passenger cars update

eurail-france-switzerlandTrain Collisions and derailments cause fires, actually the fire causes more deaths than physical injuries and concussions on passenger trains. In the EU over 1700 cases of train accidents led to nearly 1000 deaths in 2016 alone. This is why you really want to make sure your car is safe before boarding the famous Eurail train across Europe. In case of a fire event on a train, you should be able to put out the flames yourself, stay alive until the next safe stop or simply get off the train as quickly as possible. Since its establishment in 2004, the European Railway Agency has made EU rail one of the safest trains in the world by establishing international standard safety measures and the fire control is awesome. Here are some of the fire Safety measures.

Basic Fire Safety Measures

A fire extinguisher, well labeled fire escape signs, fire alarms, smoke alarms and body safety when doing a fire exit are basics that you need in case of a fire on your train car. Eurail installed all this on trains since 2004 and you can make an inquiry if one is not working in your car. In Case of Fire Safety Publications. There are publications on fire safety when boarding any train in the EU, You will get a small handbook on board on what to do.

Fire Barriers

Generally, high speed trains are supposed to have a fire barrier every 30 meters, All EU passenger trains have upheld this standard by having fire barriers between the cars. A fire from the next compartment wont affect your car unless there are extreme spread cases which are rare. Fire Proof Material Polyester in the passenger seats used to act like match sticks in the late 20th century trains. The July 24th Madrid train fire that caused 79 fatalities raised eyebrows regarding this standards. ERA set new standards that fit with the international material manufacturers standards which has reduced such instances.

Electric Appliances

The safety of the wires in your car is of utmost concern where train fires are involved. All wires in the compartment will be well insulated by thick carbon fiber which is not flammable, a small short circuit wont start a fire in the car. Combustion of the material and smoke toxicity levels became the new focus that has forced all manufacturers to set high standards in production of train car furnishings, you will have thick walls and fiber ceiling which prevents spread of fire on the train.

Emergency Response

Eurail has an independent fire response team alongside the national fire response teams in the cities. On board fire response teams also perform this function for almost all trains From Helsinki to Paris. lsolated Fire Resistant Floors The spread of fire from one compartment to another actually happens from the floor, The ERA insisted on all compartments having isolated floors against every fire barrier. This works well in reducing both combustibility of materials and spread of fire.

Friction Reduction and Heat Control

Heating actually causes the fire from the floors and electric appliances, the AC in your car is fitted alongside a cooling system that works with the train ventilation to reduce heating in the cars. This reduces possibility of occurrence of fire from internal appliances. The EU Train is being rated as the safest in the world by many regulatory bodies, this is because of it's new passenger safety centered standards. If you were worried that a fire may break out and get out of control, you can trust that proper measures are in place to keep you safe.